Inked Milestones

I already have two tattoos and they are both hidden, as I do not want much attention about it. I have one on my back, which is a picture of my wife with her name and our wedding date, while the other one is an oriental design with a kanji font of my parent’s name on my right chest. I just love getting tattoos, as I look at it as an art, but at the same time, an expression of myself about the milestones that I go through in life.

I have thought long and hard about whom to get as my tattoo artist because some of my friends experienced skin tear and tattoo scabbing under amateur artists, which offer cheaper prices. They told me that experience really comes out to prevent those kinds of mistakes. They advised me not to get too meticulous with the price and about finding the best deal because they added that the saying about you would always get what you paid for is true. I have searched forums on the net and read a lot about the best tattoo artist in my area. I even asked around about which tattoo artist to get. Fortunately, I found Nico and he really did a good job, as I did not encounter any problems with my inks.

A friend of mine told me that he learned it the hard way because besides tears and scabbing, he also suffered infections because the tattoo shop was unhygienic, as my friend told me that artist didn’t use any gloves. He added that the tattoo artist reeks of alcohol when he was tattooing him. There are also rumors that they re-use their syringes and gloves from time to time. He was fortunate enough that his infection did not spread, as the medicines that he took immediately helped him control the infection.

I told my wife Michelle, that I am currently planning to have a tattoo of our first-born child right after she has given birth. She asked me to wait for her because she also wants to have one. I was surprised with what she said because she is afraid of needles. I asked her about it and she told me that it is time to overcome her fears. I told her that it is a drastic approach, but I support her with her decisions. She laughed at me and she said that she is not planning to get a big tattoo like mine. She added that she just wants our kid’s name tattooed on her side or her back. She just made me promise to stay by her side when she is being inked and I agreed. I asked her if she already has a name for our unborn child because we chose not to know the gender of our baby, as we want it to be a surprise. My wife suggested that we just use names gender-neutral names such as Alex, Gabby and Sam. I told her that it is a good plan.

Bloodied Sport

My wife and I love watching MMA and boxing events on pay per view. We recently saw a match on UFC, which featured Mark Munoz and Gegard Mousasi. We were so amazed about how good they are as athletes because I have seen Munoz receive a liver punch from Mousasi and he did not even flinched. If it was me on the fight, I would have severe liver pain and I would need to bring myself to the hospital right away. It was just too unfortunate for Munoz because Mousasi got him on a rear naked choke before round one ends. When the show ended, we still talked about how great athletes they are and they really have instilled being healthy in their lives. It is funny how my wife used what we watched to apply it to our lives. She mentioned that we should try to emulate their discipline. She added that fighters like to try to endure pain as much as they could just to be the better fighter.

My wife remembered that our neighbor’s son is currently training to become a professional mixed martial artist and I was thrilled to know that it was the thin, lanky, Matthew who was always beaten up by bullies at school when he was younger. My wife told me that he is bulky and tall right now. She told me that our neighbor invited her for a snack inside their home and she was surprised to see Matthew was so big and ripped. His mom proudly talked about her son’s achievements as he already fought top amateur fighters even with a pain on top of foot.

Matthew told my wife that it was so painful, but he needed to endure the pain because he did not want his opponent to know about his weakness because opponents are really good on taking advantage of it. I asked him about his foot and he told me that he had a sprain and some broken bones. Right after the fight, he had a cortisone shot to prevent further swelling and he was brought to the hospital for an MRI and an x-ray. His doctor told him that he had few broken bones and he should rest his body because he really took a beating. His mom added that he was fortunate that he doe not have to undergo a surgery as casting his foot was enough. He added that he just got out of his cast earlier. He even jumped a bit of times to show that he has healed completely. His mom told him to rest his foot as it needs to be treated by a physical therapist first thing tomorrow morning to prevent muscle atrophy. Her son told her that he is going to his friend’s house and she agreed.

Meanwhile, I asked her if she really allowed her son to compete in the said sport because it is even deadlier than boxing. She told me that at first, she was not happy about her son’s decision, but then, she saw the positive transformation that her son went through, and soon enough, she already approved of it. She added that she always prays hard and she never watches his live fights.

Ever Loyal Customer

I am currently working on a project which involves me making an info-graphic about the best reverse osmosis system that is currently available in the market today. It was commissioned to me by a long term client of mine who is into green living and renewable energy systems, amongst other things, and he said that he needs the project done as soon as possible as the product will be launching very soon.

He has been a client of mine since time immemorial and I was fortunate enough to be his go-to graphic designer for all his projects, which really is a lot, as he always dabbles in many things related to his many fields of interests. He found out about me through a mutual friend of ours and we have been working together on many a project since then.

I don’t even have to charge him for work done as he always gives me more than enough for my services. That is saying a lot as the pay of being a graphic designer is a very good one as we have our own way of valuating things. I charge enough for my stature and my degree of experience, but not too much. In his case, I had to beg off getting too much from him as he seems pretty much satisfied from my work, judging by the amounts he always give to me.

I can still remember our first project together which involves making an, you guessed it, info-graphic about the best yoga DVD that was the craze back then. I had an easy time with it as I liked the subject of the skit that I was making and it showed. He so liked the finish product that he even invited me out for dinner at that time.

The only problem that I have with him is his penchant of showing up when I am very busy doing other projects. I know it is not really his fault but he really needs to work on his timing a little bit. I was of the thought that maybe he can smell that I was up to my neck in work and he purposely try to add to it so that I can be buried in it. I know that that is not true but hey, stranger things have happened.

He always needs his work done as soon as possible and in front of any work that I was currently doing and I always obliged him, besides, he really deserves to be first anyway. Come to think of it, he really is one of, if not the top client among the myriads of clients I have, and he certainly deserved only the best work from me.

Anyway, I will just make him feel my appreciation by always making him top priority. All other work will stop when he comes calling and I will make sure to put my best output on the things he wished done. It is very hard to get new clients nowadays and I surely don’t want to see him gone.

Nursing Home Shenanigans

My mom and dad chose to live in a nursing home rather than living with my family, because they told me that they do not want to be a burden to our lives. I told them that they are not, but they still stood by their decision. I tried to change their minds and they did not budge. In turn, I see to it that I make time to visit them at their place every weekend and they are so happy and thankful about it. They told me that they really enjoy staying there and I am glad to hear it from them.

Last Friday, I received a call from the nursing home that my dad had an injury on his hips. I asked him about it and he told me that I should just come down at the nursing home because it would be a long conversation. He added that the doctor is currently examining my dad, so I could ask him about my dad’s condition. I told him that I would try to be there as soon as possible. I was really worried about what happened to my dad, so I asked my boss if I could go home early. I told him that my dad had an injury and I still do not know what really happened to him. Fortunately, my boss was in a good mood and he allowed me to go.

I saw my mom sitting on the sofa, while my dad was lying on his bed. I asked them about what happened and then the doctor showed up. I talked to the doctor and he told me that my dad has hip flexor pain because he was sitting and lying on bed all the time. He added that it is not advisable because of his age and he still needs a form of exercise even if it is just walking around the garden. He also added that my dad needed to follow some anterior hip precautions to prevent further aggravation of his injury, which includes stretching every day to relieve tension on his joints and for better blood circulation. He was also prescribed pills for pain.

When the doctor left, I asked mom and dad why this happened because I thought that they were very active in the community. My mom told me that my dad does not like to mingle with other men, as he finds them dull and obnoxious, while she enjoys being in the community. She added that she was just elected as their president and she is currently planning a Sports Fest for the oldies. I asked mom about what kinds of sports and she told me that they are basketball, table tennis, bowling and maybe even board games like chess, scrabble and backgammon. My dad used to play basketball and table tennis back in the day and he is quite good. I asked and encouraged him to join and he told me that he would try because he do not want to have the same injury again.