A Bumpy Surprise

My brother Jeffrey and I are really close. People say that it is weird because we only have a one-year gap and it usually results to a sibling rivalry, but it is not the case for us. Maybe it is because our parents made sure that we treat each other well. I remember when we were kids; we always had the same gifts during Christmas and birthdays, thus preventing jealousy among us.

From time to time, we still see each other to catch up on things. He already has a wife, but still no kids. The last time that we talked, he told me that it was very a frustrating thing that they could not conceive a baby. I told him that our family does not have a history about that. I added that it is going to come at the right place, and at the right time.

Yesterday, I received a call from Jeff, which was really unexpected. He told me that he finally got her wife pregnant. He asked me to be quiet because I am the only one who knows besides him and his wife. Her wife Olivia is already three months pregnant and he wanted me to know first. I am so happy about his big news. He also asked me a favor to meet him later because he wants me to help them about pregnancy announcement ideas. I was surprised that he is already here in Seattle because they have moved to Oklahoma a few years ago. I got his hotel’s room number and I told him that I would not miss it for the world. I added that I could go down early if I could finish all my illustrations quickly.

I went to their hotel room and knocked on the door. I saw Olivia open the door and I congratulated her while I hugged her. I told her that it is really a blessing and she agreed. Jeff and Olivia asked me if I am hungry because they are going to order from the hotel’s restaurant. I told them that a pasta dish would be fine. I asked Olivia about how her pregnancy is treating her and she said that she has mixed experiences because she had nausea and vomiting during her first month, but now, she has been a bit better. She added that she experienced period while pregnant, but her doctor told her that it was actually vaginal bleeding. Her doctor told her that it could be something, so she told Jeff about it and they went off to the doctor instantly. She took some tests and fortunately, there was not something wrong about the baby.

I asked both of them about the main reason on why are they staying in a hotel instead of our parent’s house and they told me that they do not want our parents to know that she’s pregnant for now. They also said that it is the reason why they asked me to come to the hotel because they need my help to surprise our parents about Olivia’s pregnancy.