Not Like in the Movies

I used to be afraid of dentists when I was younger because I have seen horror movies with dentists as killers. The movie depicts them as bad guys, so I thought that they were one. My fear magnified because my older brother Jeffrey often frightens me that the killer dentists are out to get me when I don’t do what he says. He was kind of a bossy brother and he often makes me do things for him.

I told our mom about it and she reprimanded my brother for frightening me with silly things. She added that dentists are doctors for our teeth and they help us about our dental hygiene. My mom wanted me to overcome my fear, so when she had pain in her gums, she asked me to come with her to the dental clinic. I was so reluctant about it, but mom told me that I have to get over it when I am still young. She added that many kids are fond of dentists and I do not have a reason to fear them. She added that she is going to the dentist tomorrow and she told me that I should come to see that a dentist is really harmless.

I went to the playground to play tag with my friends and Edward noticed that I have a problem. He asked me if I am okay because it looks like that something is bothering me. I whispered to him that I am afraid of dentists and my mom wants me to overcome it. He told me that he loves his dentist because he always gives him a big lollipop after his treatment. I was surprised that dentists do that because I have always thought that they are bad guys and killers. He told me that movies are just make believe. He added that he also used to fear dentists because of the injections, but it did not feel a thing. I asked him about the reason why he needed an injection and he told me that he had tooth extraction months ago. Her mom did not want him to rely on tooth pain relief, so she accompanied him to the dentist to solve his problem for good.

The dentist was so nice that he even told Edward about what he was going to do with his teeth. It took a longer time, but his doctor made sure that he was not going to be surprised about what he was going to do with him. The doctor told him that he is going to apply a topical anesthesia and the he is going to inject another anesthesia, so he would not feel any pain during the tooth extraction process. After just a few minutes, the tooth that was causing him so much pain was all gone. Edward told me that he was surprised that it was already finished because he was expecting the process to be more than an hour. The doctor even gave him a treat after his treatment. Edward’s mom is so proud of him. Since then, he likes going to his dentist.