Great Bundle of Joy

My brother Jeffrey and her wife Olivia visited us last week because they told us about Olivia’s pregnancy and we were all so glad about it, especially our mom. We asked Olivia if they already know the gender of their child and she told us that they want it to be a surprise. She added that her mom also did the same thing and she wanted to emulate her because she also loves surprises. Our mom asked her if she already knows her due date and she told us that she forgot about it, but it is around the month of June next year. My mom told her that if she wanted to know her due date, then she could learn how to use an implantation calculator, like the one at She added that it is important that she knows the last day of her last menstrual period, then just add seven days and she has to add nine more months to get the expected due date. It took Olivia a while to compute and she told us that her expected due date is on the last week of June.

When we found out Olivia’s due date, it made us even more excited. Our dad asked them if they want a crib because he would gladly make them a new one. Our dad is really handy about carpentry stuff as he often fixes things inside and outside our home. I remember that he used to help us in making doghouses and birdhouses when we were younger. The problem now is that our dad has elevated blood pressures from time to time, so Jeff and I asked our dad if he could still make one because he has hypertension. He told us that he has been managing his condition quite nicely. Our mom had an idea and she suggested that we help our dad in building the crib. I told our mom that it is an excellent idea. I asked my dad to make a plan about the wood, the hardware to be used and the colors that we would paint the crib.

Olivia and Jeff are so happy about our plan and they told us that they would be buying baby stuff to fill up their nursery room. They added that they are planning to have a baby shower, so I asked them about the location because we could not afford to go to Oklahoma because our parents are too old for long travels. They shared that they have already thought about it and they planned to make two baby showers, one at Seattle and another one at Oklahoma.

Olivia also told us that she already signed up for a baby registry at Babies R Us to let people know about the things that they want as presents and to prevent similar gifts. My mom applauded her plans because she told us that when we were born, she received many identical gifts, which left her clueless where to use or to put them as we used to live in a small apartment when we were kids.