New Challenges Ahead

My best friend Edward’s fondness for dogs led him to think about breeding dogs, especially Teacup Pomeranians and bullboxer because he noticed that they are always out of stock on breeders and pet shops around our town. He thought to himself that he could specialize in breeding such breeds and he would be known as the hybrid guy breeder. He told me about his plans, but he added that he does not have enough money to fund his new venture. I told him that I would consult my wife later if we could be silent partners with him. He was glad with what I said, but I told him not to expect too much from us because we are still paying for our housing loan.

To increase the chance rate of successfully making my wife agree with his business proposition, I suggested Edward to make a presentation for my wife. I added that it should be visually appealing to my wife to capture her interest. He told me that he would do it later and he would try to show it to me before showing it to my wife, so I could also suggest some tweaks to make it better.

During dinner, I told my wife about Edward’s new plan to venture on breeding dogs and she is happy for him. I also mentioned that he is currently looking for a business partner because he doesn’t have enough money to start. She laughed and told me that we should think about it long and hard because it’s a money matter. She added that it wouldn’t be so bad to have another way of income, but at the same time, we would be going to be business partners with my best friend and it could be a bad thing because businesses had ruined many friendships in the past. I told my wife that I’m still not that sold out to the idea because I know that breeding dogs is not that profitable on a business standpoint.

The next day, Edward made me watch his video presentation and it was great. He also made a power point presentation for my wife and me. I told him to come over later before dinner and present us his business plans. I added that he should do great because I know that he is really a persuasive guy and he just grinned at me.

Edward came in before 6pm. I was surprised that he even brought a projector. We watched his video for a minute and it was really catchy and concrete. I told him that we still have some questions about the business. He told us that we would buy a male and a female for the two dog breeds and we would start from there. He added that he thoroughly researched about how to choose our stud and dam. My wife asked him about how we would market the business and he said that we would supply over his friend’s pet shop. We also could also advertise on social media. Lastly, we asked him about the ROI of the business and he told us that it would be roughly less than a year because we do not have to rent any space. My wife and I are so happy with his presentation and I think that we are going for it.