Looking for Help

Yesterday I was doing a photo shoot of certain consumer items that an online firm wanted to display on their website. It was a very grueling job as I had to work under the heat of the bright lights that comes with taking pictures of these types of items. I should have brought extra clothes so that I could change as the sweltering heat really will leave you drenched in sweat.

To make matters worse, I had to do not just one, but the whole line of the best lightweight luggage that they were offering on their website. Good thing I had the best travel tripod with me, that allowed me to just point and click with my heavy duty camera and not always carry it around with me all over the place.

Although it pays very well, these types of jobs are on the bottom of my list of things to look forward to. Not only does it take much of my time with regards to project duration, but it also requires the most manpower and technical equipment involved. Thankfully these kinds of jobs come very few and far in between.

But I really should not be this way with regards to things like that, as the money I earn from it is the same kind of money that I earn elsewhere, right? Maybe I am just plain old lazy getting on to them like I do. I don’t know, but when I do these kinds of jobs, I always feel drained at the end of the day. Maybe the heat and all the sweat are really getting the best of me.

Maybe what I should do is to get an assistant to handle these kinds of jobs for me. That’s right! I need to delegate more of my work so that way, I could do more work done in a day. It may also be my way of escaping certain jobs that I myself hate to do and I will just be at the end of it serving as quality control of the entire work.

I may also find more time for myself and the things I would have like to do in my life, and not just here in the office toiling my butt out, day in and day out. But I know it will cost me money to bring aboard extra help. I will also need to train whoever it is, about the intricacies of the job. Maybe I should get someone already knowledgeable with the work I am doing so that way I only need to teach the finer points.

I think I am on to something right now. It may make me more productive and free up more of my time at one go. It’s really like a hitting two birds with one stone kind of thing and it really deserves some more looking in to. I will study about it during the next couple of days and if it pans out, then maybe I could start hiring for the right person next month. Good job!