Sleepless Nights

My wife has always been an advocate of health and wellness. She makes sure that she has enough exercise every week. She goes to the gym after work whenever she could and she goes cycling during weekends. She also wants me to enjoy exercising, but unfortunately, I do not have much time. I often bring some of my work at home during weekdays, which gives me some sleepless nights only to beat my deadlines. I told my wife that I could not afford to exercise during weekends because it is the only time that I could rest and she understands. I have been so busy that I had an unexplained bruising, similar to what the experts describe at I just found out about it when I asked my wife a favor to massage my back and then she saw some bruises on my back. She asked me about it and I told her that I do not have any idea where I got it. It hurt a little bit when she touched it, but I just ignored it because I thought that it would go away in a couple of days.

A week has already passed and they were gone, but I had another one in a different location. I told my wife about it because I was beginning to worry about my condition. I asked her if I needed to go visit my doctor and she told me that it is much better to be sure, so she called my doctor right away to schedule an appointment later this afternoon.

We went to my usual doctor and he was glad to see us both. Dr. Brown said that it has been a while since we have seen each other. I told him that it was about six months ago, when my wife suffered gastroesophageal reflux disease. He asked my wife about it and she told him that she is fine thanks to him. The kind doctor asked me what brought me this time in his clinic and I told him about my bruises. I added that the first one that occurred was already gone, but another one came out on a different location. The doctor gathered his thoughts for a second and told me that he suspects that I have anemia. He instructed me to get a full blood work up to confirm his suspicions. He gave me a piece of paper that I needed to give to the laboratory to have the exam. The laboratory technician told me that it would take an hour for the results, so he suggested that we wait at the coffee shop downstairs.

We got ourselves a cup of steaming coffee and newspaper to keep us busy. After an hour, we went back to the laboratory and got my results. We went to Dr. Brown’s office and waited for a while outside because he was still busy with a patient. We gave him my result and it was indeed anemia. He asked me to take vitamins every day and eat iron rich foods like liver, green leafy veggies, eggs and meat. He also told me to be back in two weeks to check my blood again to see if the treatment is working.