Gurney Journey

Our family has long endured a history of heart ailments that is why my wife Michelle has been reminding me every day to treat myself better and eat healthy and nutritious foods instead of my favorite junk foods like chips, sodas, burgers and fries. She told me that she is wary about our future and she does not want me to die because of any cardiovascular diseases. Since last month, I have also been cutting down on my smoking; less sticks per day and it has been going great so far. I did not experience withdrawal syndromes that other people have been talking about because I did not quit cold turkey. I just have my normal allergic rhinitis that attacks from time to time which I just counter with natural antihistamines like vitamin C and omega 3 fatty acids because I don’t want to use pills often.

Three months ago, my dad experienced elevated blood pressures for a week before getting a consult to his doctor. My mom told me that my dad did not tell him about it and she just found him one time on their couch and he could not stand up properly as he was light headed. She also noticed that my dad’s head side was throbbing. She asked my dad about it and he finally told her that his head and neck aches so badly for the past week. My mom asked my dad if his arms were numb and she was glad that it was not because it is a definite sign of stroke. My dad told my mom that he just needed to rest. My mom told my dad that they are going to the hospital the next day and she is not taking no for an answer.

Early in the morning, I received a call from my mom about my dad’s condition. I offered to come along with them, so I picked up my mom and dad from their home and we went directly to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, my dad told us that he is feeling the same thing like last night. I called the attention of some nurses to attend to my dad, while my mom is keeping my dad company. We were shocked because my dad could not breathe properly and he told us that he feels like he is drowning. An attendant put my dad on a gurney and my mom was panicking badly. I told my mom that it is going to be all right because they have all the equipment and medicines that dad needs.

After a couple of minutes, a doctor approached my mom and asked if it is her husband that had fluid in lungs earlier. My mom was puzzled and I talked to the doctor about my dad. He said that he is going to be okay, but he needs medicines to manage his hypertension. We told the doctor that he did not tell us that he was dealing with the disease. The doctor also added that he has to be confined for a few days so that they could properly observe his condition and give him the necessary tests to pinpoint the real cause.