Inked Milestones

I already have two tattoos and they are both hidden, as I do not want much attention about it. I have one on my back, which is a picture of my wife with her name and our wedding date, while the other one is an oriental design with a kanji font of my parent’s name on my right chest. I just love getting tattoos, as I look at it as an art, but at the same time, an expression of myself about the milestones that I go through in life.

I have thought long and hard about whom to get as my tattoo artist because some of my friends experienced skin tear and tattoo scabbing under amateur artists, which offer cheaper prices. They told me that experience really comes out to prevent those kinds of mistakes. They advised me not to get too meticulous with the price and about finding the best deal because they added that the saying about you would always get what you paid for is true. I have searched forums on the net and read a lot about the best tattoo artist in my area. I even asked around about which tattoo artist to get. Fortunately, I found Nico and he really did a good job, as I did not encounter any problems with my inks.

A friend of mine told me that he learned it the hard way because besides tears and scabbing, he also suffered infections because the tattoo shop was unhygienic, as my friend told me that artist didn’t use any gloves. He added that the tattoo artist reeks of alcohol when he was tattooing him. There are also rumors that they re-use their syringes and gloves from time to time. He was fortunate enough that his infection did not spread, as the medicines that he took immediately helped him control the infection.

I told my wife Michelle, that I am currently planning to have a tattoo of our first-born child right after she has given birth. She asked me to wait for her because she also wants to have one. I was surprised with what she said because she is afraid of needles. I asked her about it and she told me that it is time to overcome her fears. I told her that it is a drastic approach, but I support her with her decisions. She laughed at me and she said that she is not planning to get a big tattoo like mine. She added that she just wants our kid’s name tattooed on her side or her back. She just made me promise to stay by her side when she is being inked and I agreed. I asked her if she already has a name for our unborn child because we chose not to know the gender of our baby, as we want it to be a surprise. My wife suggested that we just use names gender-neutral names such as Alex, Gabby and Sam. I told her that it is a good plan.