A Step at a Time

My wife Michelle loves being fit as she always run every morning before having breakfast. She often invites me to come run with her, but I find it too tedious because I still have a hard day of work ahead of me. She told me that exercising would be great because it will give me more energy during the day. I said that I would try it this coming weekend because I am curious about what she is saying and it would be very beneficial because I am really having a hard time coping up with my sudden increase of workload. One of my partners, Jessie just opt out of her contract, so she paid me the bond, but it gave me twice the workload that I normally do for a day.

I told my wife about it and she told me that it is a sign that I needed to change my unhealthy routine. Currently, I have been addicted to eating fast food items like burgers, fries, nachos, and milkshakes because they are very convenient to order, very easy to eat and much cheaper compared to the menus of fancy restaurants around town. Michelle told me that she plans to give me a taste of living healthy by giving me low carb vegetables and low carb fruits for dinner. I told him that I do not want that because I am so hungry during dinnertime. She asked me to trust her that it would not make me feel that hungry.

During dinner, my wife gave me a plate of salad, which consists of alfalfa sprouts, kale, jicama, nuts, and some red and blue berries for color. She told me that she also prepared a very healthy dressing mixture of lemon juice, olive oil with some salt and pepper to taste. I put in on my salad and it tasted great. I told my wife that it is very light, yet very filling. She told me that I could eat two servings of salad for now because I am not used to it. She asked me if it is okay if we could try eating salad every dinner for a week, but with a wide diverse of veggies and fruits to use and I agreed. I told her that it is time to clean up my bad eating habits because I have been very easily tired as of late, compared when I was younger.

My wife laughed at what I said and told me that it is because of my unhealthy eating habits and occasional smoking. I told her that I could try the salad thing, but I could not let go of smoking because it cures my stress. She told me that I am just addicted to nicotine that is why I am saying that. She shared that her best friend’s husband just quit smoking a few months ago with the help of a nicotine patch. She added that he did not quit right away to prevent experiencing withdrawal syndromes. He just quit gradually as his doctor suggested. I told my wife that I would think about it, but no promises.