First Baby

My wife, Michelle, is already on her 2nd trimester of her pregnancy and we are both so both excited, but at the same time, worried if we are doing things right. We have been married for three years and we have been trying to conceive for two years. We were a bit worried because it took us some time to have a baby. We resorted to having both of us checked for sterility and we are both okay based on the results. We even welcomed the thought of In Vitro, which was really pricey, but it does not matter to us because we really wanted to have a child to care for. We really thank God for this blessing.

I see my wife having a hard time being pregnant, especially during her first trimester because every morning, she used to experience morning sickness. There was even an instance when I got up at around 5am to pee, and I saw her puking all over the kitchen sink. I am glad that her morning sickness faded gradually into her second trimester. She is feeling better now, but last night, she experienced diarrhea. I know that she is lactose intolerant, so I asked her if she ate something with cheese or milk and she told me that she did not because she watches what she eats, especially now that she is carrying our unborn child. I logged onto our computer and researched about it. I saw nothing about it on the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. I was worried because it might affect our baby, so I asked Michelle if she wanted to have a consult tomorrow, as I could manage to squeeze it in because I still does not have pending graphic designs. She agreed and asked me a favor if I could call the doctor’s secretary to book an appointment because she is feeling weak because of her diarrhea during pregnancy.

We went to the hospital first thing in the morning and saw Michelle’s doctor. My wife told her doctor about what happened. The doctor asked my wife about what did she eat yesterday. He told us that he could not find a good reason that it would cause her such a symptom, because in fact, he shared that he had a recent kid patient who also ate the same thing, as my wife and it caused him toddler constipation. The doctor asked if he took something new yesterday like a pill and my wife remembered that she changed her prenatal vitamin brand. She added that she changed brands because the one that she was using is currently out of stock in the pharmacy. The doctor asked about the brand and then he researched about its contents on MIMS. After a few minutes, he told us that it has side effects of having loose stools. The doctor recommended stopping to take her new vitamins and try to look for her old brand at other pharmacies. We thanked the doctor and went off to find other pharmacies who have my wife’s old brand of vitamins.