Exotic Pets

It was a weekend and my wife and I were relaxing on our couch and watching TV. We were channel surfing, as we could not find a good show and I accidentally tuned on at Discovery Chanel. They were featuring exotics pets that we could legally own in the States. I got curious about it, so I stayed on the channel. I’ve learned that there are many exotic pets that we could own like Madagascar Hissing cockroaches, Emperor Scorpions, African Pygmy hedgehogs and Sugar gliders to name a few. I was thrilled and I asked my wife about it. She told me that she also wanted a new pet in our home and exotic pets would be a great way to go. My wife and I thought that owning hedgehogs as pets would be cool and it should just be easy to take care of, if not for their quills or spikes.

My wife and I decided to canvass in pet shops around our area and to see them personally on how they react to people because they are not that domesticated. We dropped by a number of shops, and we failed to see one. My wife’s frustration grew and I told her that we would go home after this last shop. I am glad that we were not disappointed because they have lots of hedgehogs on display. They are so cute and adorable. They even have their hedgehog cages, like the ones here, on sale at 50% discount if we would buy two pets.

A sales clerk came near me and asked me about what brought us to their shop. I told him that we fancied getting an exotic pet like a hedgehog because of what we saw on TV last time. I asked him about how to care and handle an exotic pet like them. He told me that it is just like taking care of a bunny, but with quills. I asked him about what do they feed them, and he shared that they just need the basics like food and fresh water every day. My wife asked him about what kind of food do they usually eat. He told her that dry cat food or even dog food satisfies them very much. We could also occasionally give them insects like worms and other small insects that we could also find in their shop. He added that they could also be given treats like fruits, which they love so much. It could be a slice of banana, peaches or even berries.

We also learned that hedgehogs also needed to exercise every day to avoid obesity, so we need to put wheels and tubes inside their cages for them to enjoy climbing and running. The sales clerk also told us that it costs around $300, but it is really worth to buy it because it is not every day that you would meet someone with a pet hedgehog and I agreed. I told him to give my wife and me a minute to discuss about our purchase and he politely smiled.