Molly’s Appetite

Michele and I are very fond of pets ever since we were little. I used to own an American Cocker Spaniel named Buster and I loved him so much. We often play after my school on weekdays and I often give him baths during weekends. My friends also find him adorable as they used to frequent our home during weekends to play with him. Unfortunately, dogs have a shorter life span than humans do and he died of old age. It was hard to accept it at first because I was a kid back then and it took me a while before I got myself a pet again.

poodle mixes

On the other hand, my wife is fond of poodle mixes, especially Bichon poodles. She currently owns one and she named her Molly. Molly is a good pet to have around the house because she is so active, adorable and playful. She is a good company for my wife because I am often at work on weekdays. She even brings her outside and then puts her inside a dog purse when she goes shopping at the mall.

Last week when I was at work, she called me and she sounded like she had a problem. I asked her about what it was and she told me that Molly does not have an appetite. She added that she tried feeding her with dog food and even her favorite dog treats, but she still wasn’t eating. I told her to calm down and asked if she could wait for an hour because I still have work to do. She told me that she could not wait for an hour because she is so worried about the dog. I suggested that she go to the veterinarian to consult Molly’s condition. I added that I would try to do my work as fast as I could, so I still could accompany them at the clinic.

I tried my best to finish as quickly as I could and I surprised myself that I was done in less than an hour. I got off early from work and I called my wife that I am already on my way to the clinic. She told me that she just got there and she told me that she would just wait for me in the waiting room. I got in the clinic in a few minutes and my wife was so glad that I made it. We went inside to see the veterinarian and my wife told him about what happened to our dog. The doctor carefully checked the dog’s eyes, ears, teeth and skin. He told us she has problems about her teeth, specifically she has lots of plaque and has receding gums. He added that she might be experiencing pain whenever she tries chewing food. The doctor recommended buying Molly a chew toy because it would help with her plaques and gums. He also gave Molly pain reliever to help her eat. He reminded us to observe the dog and call him if something bad happens.