Bundle of Joy

Last week, Michelle, my wife, just gave birth to beautiful and healthy baby girl. We named our daughter, Sarah, after my wife’s mom. She weighs 8lbs and the doctor told us that it is the average weight for newborns, so she is perfect. My wife and I already discussed that she would breastfeed our baby because mom’s milk contains colostrum, which has antibiotic properties, as well as high protein content and we would love our baby to have that benefits. We told the doctor about our plan and he said that it is an excellent arrangement. He also added that it would help our baby increase her immune system to prevent allergies, obesity and even SIDS, also known as Sudden Infant Death syndrome, as well as, lowering the chance of post-partum depression for my wife. He also reminded my wife that a period while breastfeeding is just normal, so when it occurs, we should not be worried at all. He told us to contact him if something happens to our kid or to Michelle and he is always willing to help us.

Michelle’s mom already offered her help and we gladly accepted it. She is going to stay with us for a few months to help our family settle down because we knew that it is going to be hard because this is our first baby. She plans to assist my wife tending to the baby and some occasional house chores. I told my wife that after work, I would also try to pitch in some help. I have already freed up my weekends for them and she thanked me for it.

After a few months, we settled in nicely, thanks to our collective efforts, especially to my mother-in-law. Michelle’s mom shared us that she would leave in a few hours, as my father-in-law was having trouble tending their home on his own. Michelle’s mom even joked that she would not be surprised if his husband did not eat anything the whole time that she was here. Before she got the chance to leave, my wife asked her mom for some tips about how to stop breastfeeding because she is concerned about how our baby would handle it. She advised my wife not to quit cold turkey on our baby. She added that the slower the process, the less pain would be for my wife and our dear baby. She suggested letting it come naturally as our baby starts to eat more solid foods and other liquids, our baby would soon turn less likely to her mom’s milk. Michelle applauded her mom for the tips and she told us that it was thru experience as she had five children.

As for Michelle, her mom told her that she should reduce friction on her nipples, as it would simulate the sucking motion of her baby, which in turn, would promote milk production. She added that she would feel pain for the first few days of stopping breastfeeding, but she could take over the counter pain relievers to reduce pain. We thanked her and told her that we really value all her help and the wisdom that she tried to impart to us, as she readies to hop on her cab on the way to the airport.