How to Make a YouTube Video

In recent times, YouTube has become a very popular way to share thoughts and content to audiences worldwide. Uploading a video on a YouTube channel is free, and provided you can handle the attention – and follow all copyright laws of course – it is possible to get famous on YouTube as what is popularly coined as a “YouTuber.”

The problem is, not everyone knows how to start making their videos. This guide therefore, intends to show just that.

The first step to uploading a video on YouTube is to have content to upload. This means recording a video file on a recording device. While the content is up to the individual, it is important to choose the most ideal equipment for the video. For example, most YouTubers will use either a webcam, or a camcorder. These devices are on the opposite ends of the spectrum, with webcams providing convenience, as videos can be uploaded straight to the internet after recording, while camcorders allow the user to get much better video quality, though camcorders almost always cost more. Alternatively, it is possible to make use of smart phones; most come with built-in cameras. It is also advisable to research any software that may be helpful in editing video content. Most Windows computers come with a video editing tool like Windows Movie Maker, and Mac users have access to iMovie; but more dedicated software such as Adobe Premier Pro is also available to end users.

Once hardware and software are taken care of, the next step of making a YouTube video is recording and editing. The basic rules of making any decent video apply here; take note of lighting, duration, subject, etc. Transfer the video file from the hardware into your computer, or whatever device will be used to edit and upload the content. Video files taken with a webcam have the advantage of ease of access here, and many smart phones have apps that allow editing and uploading of videos without having to connect to a desktop computer.

The next step is to create a YouTube account if you don’t have one already, and log in. Creating an account is fast, and free. Once done, anyone with access to the account can upload a video using the “upload” button located in the upper right hand side of the YouTube page. Before the process starts, YouTube will ask for details regarding the content. Locate and find the video in the window that appears after completing the form, and select it. The process of uploading the video takes some time. Higher quality video files typically take a longer time to upload; as do longer video files. Be patient. Once the process is complete, add a title and description to the video.

Finally it is worth reminding the user: do not abuse the system by placing random keywords and tags to attract people to watch content unrelated to what they may have initially searched for. Also, avoid posting any content that can result in legal trouble. YouTube account holders can and will be reprimanded by the administrating body for any infringements to the terms and service, in which conduct of account holders are clearly defined.