What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is defined in the dictionary as “the art or profession of using design elements such as typography and images to convey information or create an effect.” The term first came into use in the early 20th century to describe the profession of printing and creating imagery, symbols, and typography which had been around since the late period of the 19th century. People who take up the profession are often referred to as “graphic designers” or “graphic artists.”

The oldest roots of graphic design can be traced all the way to ancient civilizations, when specific characters and forms were used in writing to convey messages. Good examples of such work include the hieroglyphs found in the tombs of the pharaohs of Egypt. Each figure had a corresponding meaning in the physical plane, and a developed system of characters served as a formal and consistent method of communicating messages. Even early clothing had a form of early graphic design; bright red cloaks were meant to stir up a rage in soldiers at war, building courage. Colors themselves were given meaning and used accordingly. Practices such as tattooing also lead to what is known as the modern day art of graphic design.

Not Like in the Movies

I used to be afraid of dentists when I was younger because I have seen horror movies with dentists as killers. The movie depicts them as bad guys, so I thought that they were one. My fear magnified because my older brother Jeffrey often frightens me that the killer dentists are out to get me when I don’t do what he says. He was kind of a bossy brother and he often makes me do things for him.

I told our mom about it and she reprimanded my brother for frightening me with silly things. She added that dentists are doctors for our teeth and they help us about our dental hygiene. My mom wanted me to overcome my fear, so when she had pain in her gums, she asked me to come with her to the dental clinic. I was so reluctant about it, but mom told me that I have to get over it when I am still young. She added that many kids are fond of dentists and I do not have a reason to fear them. She added that she is going to the dentist tomorrow and she told me that I should come to see that a dentist is really harmless.

I went to the playground to play tag with my friends and Edward noticed that I have a problem. He asked me if I am okay because it looks like that something is bothering me. I whispered to him that I am afraid of dentists and my mom wants me to overcome it. He told me that he loves his dentist because he always gives him a big lollipop after his treatment. I was surprised that dentists do that because I have always thought that they are bad guys and killers. He told me that movies are just make believe. He added that he also used to fear dentists because of the injections, but it did not feel a thing. I asked him about the reason why he needed an injection and he told me that he had tooth extraction months ago. Her mom did not want him to rely on tooth pain relief, so she accompanied him to the dentist to solve his problem for good.

The dentist was so nice that he even told Edward about what he was going to do with his teeth. It took a longer time, but his doctor made sure that he was not going to be surprised about what he was going to do with him. The doctor told him that he is going to apply a topical anesthesia and the he is going to inject another anesthesia, so he would not feel any pain during the tooth extraction process. After just a few minutes, the tooth that was causing him so much pain was all gone. Edward told me that he was surprised that it was already finished because he was expecting the process to be more than an hour. The doctor even gave him a treat after his treatment. Edward’s mom is so proud of him. Since then, he likes going to his dentist.

A Bumpy Surprise

My brother Jeffrey and I are really close. People say that it is weird because we only have a one-year gap and it usually results to a sibling rivalry, but it is not the case for us. Maybe it is because our parents made sure that we treat each other well. I remember when we were kids; we always had the same gifts during Christmas and birthdays, thus preventing jealousy among us.

From time to time, we still see each other to catch up on things. He already has a wife, but still no kids. The last time that we talked, he told me that it was very a frustrating thing that they could not conceive a baby. I told him that our family does not have a history about that. I added that it is going to come at the right place, and at the right time.

Yesterday, I received a call from Jeff, which was really unexpected. He told me that he finally got her wife pregnant. He asked me to be quiet because I am the only one who knows besides him and his wife. Her wife Olivia is already three months pregnant and he wanted me to know first. I am so happy about his big news. He also asked me a favor to meet him later because he wants me to help them about pregnancy announcement ideas. I was surprised that he is already here in Seattle because they have moved to Oklahoma a few years ago. I got his hotel’s room number and I told him that I would not miss it for the world. I added that I could go down early if I could finish all my illustrations quickly.

I went to their hotel room and knocked on the door. I saw Olivia open the door and I congratulated her while I hugged her. I told her that it is really a blessing and she agreed. Jeff and Olivia asked me if I am hungry because they are going to order from the hotel’s restaurant. I told them that a pasta dish would be fine. I asked Olivia about how her pregnancy is treating her and she said that she has mixed experiences because she had nausea and vomiting during her first month, but now, she has been a bit better. She added that she experienced period while pregnant, but her doctor told her that it was actually vaginal bleeding. Her doctor told her that it could be something, so she told Jeff about it and they went off to the doctor instantly. She took some tests and fortunately, there was not something wrong about the baby.

I asked both of them about the main reason on why are they staying in a hotel instead of our parent’s house and they told me that they do not want our parents to know that she’s pregnant for now. They also said that it is the reason why they asked me to come to the hotel because they need my help to surprise our parents about Olivia’s pregnancy.

Great Bundle of Joy

My brother Jeffrey and her wife Olivia visited us last week because they told us about Olivia’s pregnancy and we were all so glad about it, especially our mom. We asked Olivia if they already know the gender of their child and she told us that they want it to be a surprise. She added that her mom also did the same thing and she wanted to emulate her because she also loves surprises. Our mom asked her if she already knows her due date and she told us that she forgot about it, but it is around the month of June next year. My mom told her that if she wanted to know her due date, then she could learn how to use an implantation calculator, like the one at http://www.simpleimplantationcalculator.com. She added that it is important that she knows the last day of her last menstrual period, then just add seven days and she has to add nine more months to get the expected due date. It took Olivia a while to compute and she told us that her expected due date is on the last week of June.

When we found out Olivia’s due date, it made us even more excited. Our dad asked them if they want a crib because he would gladly make them a new one. Our dad is really handy about carpentry stuff as he often fixes things inside and outside our home. I remember that he used to help us in making doghouses and birdhouses when we were younger. The problem now is that our dad has elevated blood pressures from time to time, so Jeff and I asked our dad if he could still make one because he has hypertension. He told us that he has been managing his condition quite nicely. Our mom had an idea and she suggested that we help our dad in building the crib. I told our mom that it is an excellent idea. I asked my dad to make a plan about the wood, the hardware to be used and the colors that we would paint the crib.

Olivia and Jeff are so happy about our plan and they told us that they would be buying baby stuff to fill up their nursery room. They added that they are planning to have a baby shower, so I asked them about the location because we could not afford to go to Oklahoma because our parents are too old for long travels. They shared that they have already thought about it and they planned to make two baby showers, one at Seattle and another one at Oklahoma.

Olivia also told us that she already signed up for a baby registry at Babies R Us to let people know about the things that they want as presents and to prevent similar gifts. My mom applauded her plans because she told us that when we were born, she received many identical gifts, which left her clueless where to use or to put them as we used to live in a small apartment when we were kids.

New Challenges Ahead

My best friend Edward’s fondness for dogs led him to think about breeding dogs, especially Teacup Pomeranians and bullboxer because he noticed that they are always out of stock on breeders and pet shops around our town. He thought to himself that he could specialize in breeding such breeds and he would be known as the hybrid guy breeder. He told me about his plans, but he added that he does not have enough money to fund his new venture. I told him that I would consult my wife later if we could be silent partners with him. He was glad with what I said, but I told him not to expect too much from us because we are still paying for our housing loan.

To increase the chance rate of successfully making my wife agree with his business proposition, I suggested Edward to make a presentation for my wife. I added that it should be visually appealing to my wife to capture her interest. He told me that he would do it later and he would try to show it to me before showing it to my wife, so I could also suggest some tweaks to make it better.

During dinner, I told my wife about Edward’s new plan to venture on breeding dogs and she is happy for him. I also mentioned that he is currently looking for a business partner because he doesn’t have enough money to start. She laughed and told me that we should think about it long and hard because it’s a money matter. She added that it wouldn’t be so bad to have another way of income, but at the same time, we would be going to be business partners with my best friend and it could be a bad thing because businesses had ruined many friendships in the past. I told my wife that I’m still not that sold out to the idea because I know that breeding dogs is not that profitable on a business standpoint.

The next day, Edward made me watch his video presentation and it was great. He also made a power point presentation for my wife and me. I told him to come over later before dinner and present us his business plans. I added that he should do great because I know that he is really a persuasive guy and he just grinned at me.

Edward came in before 6pm. I was surprised that he even brought a projector. We watched his video for a minute and it was really catchy and concrete. I told him that we still have some questions about the business. He told us that we would buy a male and a female for the two dog breeds and we would start from there. He added that he thoroughly researched about how to choose our stud and dam. My wife asked him about how we would market the business and he said that we would supply over his friend’s pet shop. We also could also advertise on social media. Lastly, we asked him about the ROI of the business and he told us that it would be roughly less than a year because we do not have to rent any space. My wife and I are so happy with his presentation and I think that we are going for it.

Looking for Help

Yesterday I was doing a photo shoot of certain consumer items that an online firm wanted to display on their website. It was a very grueling job as I had to work under the heat of the bright lights that comes with taking pictures of these types of items. I should have brought extra clothes so that I could change as the sweltering heat really will leave you drenched in sweat.

To make matters worse, I had to do not just one, but the whole line of the best lightweight luggage that they were offering on their website. Good thing I had the best travel tripod with me, that allowed me to just point and click with my heavy duty camera and not always carry it around with me all over the place.

Although it pays very well, these types of jobs are on the bottom of my list of things to look forward to. Not only does it take much of my time with regards to project duration, but it also requires the most manpower and technical equipment involved. Thankfully these kinds of jobs come very few and far in between.

But I really should not be this way with regards to things like that, as the money I earn from it is the same kind of money that I earn elsewhere, right? Maybe I am just plain old lazy getting on to them like I do. I don’t know, but when I do these kinds of jobs, I always feel drained at the end of the day. Maybe the heat and all the sweat are really getting the best of me.

Maybe what I should do is to get an assistant to handle these kinds of jobs for me. That’s right! I need to delegate more of my work so that way, I could do more work done in a day. It may also be my way of escaping certain jobs that I myself hate to do and I will just be at the end of it serving as quality control of the entire work.

I may also find more time for myself and the things I would have like to do in my life, and not just here in the office toiling my butt out, day in and day out. But I know it will cost me money to bring aboard extra help. I will also need to train whoever it is, about the intricacies of the job. Maybe I should get someone already knowledgeable with the work I am doing so that way I only need to teach the finer points.

I think I am on to something right now. It may make me more productive and free up more of my time at one go. It’s really like a hitting two birds with one stone kind of thing and it really deserves some more looking in to. I will study about it during the next couple of days and if it pans out, then maybe I could start hiring for the right person next month. Good job!

How to Make a YouTube Video

In recent times, YouTube has become a very popular way to share thoughts and content to audiences worldwide. Uploading a video on a YouTube channel is free, and provided you can handle the attention – and follow all copyright laws of course – it is possible to get famous on YouTube as what is popularly coined as a “YouTuber.”

The problem is, not everyone knows how to start making their videos. This guide therefore, intends to show just that.

Sleepless Nights

My wife has always been an advocate of health and wellness. She makes sure that she has enough exercise every week. She goes to the gym after work whenever she could and she goes cycling during weekends. She also wants me to enjoy exercising, but unfortunately, I do not have much time. I often bring some of my work at home during weekdays, which gives me some sleepless nights only to beat my deadlines. I told my wife that I could not afford to exercise during weekends because it is the only time that I could rest and she understands. I have been so busy that I had an unexplained bruising, similar to what the experts describe at http://www.unexplainedbruising.net. I just found out about it when I asked my wife a favor to massage my back and then she saw some bruises on my back. She asked me about it and I told her that I do not have any idea where I got it. It hurt a little bit when she touched it, but I just ignored it because I thought that it would go away in a couple of days.

A week has already passed and they were gone, but I had another one in a different location. I told my wife about it because I was beginning to worry about my condition. I asked her if I needed to go visit my doctor and she told me that it is much better to be sure, so she called my doctor right away to schedule an appointment later this afternoon.

We went to my usual doctor and he was glad to see us both. Dr. Brown said that it has been a while since we have seen each other. I told him that it was about six months ago, when my wife suffered gastroesophageal reflux disease. He asked my wife about it and she told him that she is fine thanks to him. The kind doctor asked me what brought me this time in his clinic and I told him about my bruises. I added that the first one that occurred was already gone, but another one came out on a different location. The doctor gathered his thoughts for a second and told me that he suspects that I have anemia. He instructed me to get a full blood work up to confirm his suspicions. He gave me a piece of paper that I needed to give to the laboratory to have the exam. The laboratory technician told me that it would take an hour for the results, so he suggested that we wait at the coffee shop downstairs.

We got ourselves a cup of steaming coffee and newspaper to keep us busy. After an hour, we went back to the laboratory and got my results. We went to Dr. Brown’s office and waited for a while outside because he was still busy with a patient. We gave him my result and it was indeed anemia. He asked me to take vitamins every day and eat iron rich foods like liver, green leafy veggies, eggs and meat. He also told me to be back in two weeks to check my blood again to see if the treatment is working.

Gurney Journey

Our family has long endured a history of heart ailments that is why my wife Michelle has been reminding me every day to treat myself better and eat healthy and nutritious foods instead of my favorite junk foods like chips, sodas, burgers and fries. She told me that she is wary about our future and she does not want me to die because of any cardiovascular diseases. Since last month, I have also been cutting down on my smoking; less sticks per day and it has been going great so far. I did not experience withdrawal syndromes that other people have been talking about because I did not quit cold turkey. I just have my normal allergic rhinitis that attacks from time to time which I just counter with natural antihistamines like vitamin C and omega 3 fatty acids because I don’t want to use pills often.

Three months ago, my dad experienced elevated blood pressures for a week before getting a consult to his doctor. My mom told me that my dad did not tell him about it and she just found him one time on their couch and he could not stand up properly as he was light headed. She also noticed that my dad’s head side was throbbing. She asked my dad about it and he finally told her that his head and neck aches so badly for the past week. My mom asked my dad if his arms were numb and she was glad that it was not because it is a definite sign of stroke. My dad told my mom that he just needed to rest. My mom told my dad that they are going to the hospital the next day and she is not taking no for an answer.

Early in the morning, I received a call from my mom about my dad’s condition. I offered to come along with them, so I picked up my mom and dad from their home and we went directly to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, my dad told us that he is feeling the same thing like last night. I called the attention of some nurses to attend to my dad, while my mom is keeping my dad company. We were shocked because my dad could not breathe properly and he told us that he feels like he is drowning. An attendant put my dad on a gurney and my mom was panicking badly. I told my mom that it is going to be all right because they have all the equipment and medicines that dad needs.

After a couple of minutes, a doctor approached my mom and asked if it is her husband that had fluid in lungs earlier. My mom was puzzled and I talked to the doctor about my dad. He said that he is going to be okay, but he needs medicines to manage his hypertension. We told the doctor that he did not tell us that he was dealing with the disease. The doctor also added that he has to be confined for a few days so that they could properly observe his condition and give him the necessary tests to pinpoint the real cause.

Bundle of Joy

Last week, Michelle, my wife, just gave birth to beautiful and healthy baby girl. We named our daughter, Sarah, after my wife’s mom. She weighs 8lbs and the doctor told us that it is the average weight for newborns, so she is perfect. My wife and I already discussed that she would breastfeed our baby because mom’s milk contains colostrum, which has antibiotic properties, as well as high protein content and we would love our baby to have that benefits. We told the doctor about our plan and he said that it is an excellent arrangement. He also added that it would help our baby increase her immune system to prevent allergies, obesity and even SIDS, also known as Sudden Infant Death syndrome, as well as, lowering the chance of post-partum depression for my wife. He also reminded my wife that a period while breastfeeding is just normal, so when it occurs, we should not be worried at all. He told us to contact him if something happens to our kid or to Michelle and he is always willing to help us.

Michelle’s mom already offered her help and we gladly accepted it. She is going to stay with us for a few months to help our family settle down because we knew that it is going to be hard because this is our first baby. She plans to assist my wife tending to the baby and some occasional house chores. I told my wife that after work, I would also try to pitch in some help. I have already freed up my weekends for them and she thanked me for it.

After a few months, we settled in nicely, thanks to our collective efforts, especially to my mother-in-law. Michelle’s mom shared us that she would leave in a few hours, as my father-in-law was having trouble tending their home on his own. Michelle’s mom even joked that she would not be surprised if his husband did not eat anything the whole time that she was here. Before she got the chance to leave, my wife asked her mom for some tips about how to stop breastfeeding because she is concerned about how our baby would handle it. She advised my wife not to quit cold turkey on our baby. She added that the slower the process, the less pain would be for my wife and our dear baby. She suggested letting it come naturally as our baby starts to eat more solid foods and other liquids, our baby would soon turn less likely to her mom’s milk. Michelle applauded her mom for the tips and she told us that it was thru experience as she had five children.

As for Michelle, her mom told her that she should reduce friction on her nipples, as it would simulate the sucking motion of her baby, which in turn, would promote milk production. She added that she would feel pain for the first few days of stopping breastfeeding, but she could take over the counter pain relievers to reduce pain. We thanked her and told her that we really value all her help and the wisdom that she tried to impart to us, as she readies to hop on her cab on the way to the airport.


Molly’s Appetite

Michele and I are very fond of pets ever since we were little. I used to own an American Cocker Spaniel named Buster and I loved him so much. We often play after my school on weekdays and I often give him baths during weekends. My friends also find him adorable as they used to frequent our home during weekends to play with him. Unfortunately, dogs have a shorter life span than humans do and he died of old age. It was hard to accept it at first because I was a kid back then and it took me a while before I got myself a pet again.

poodle mixes

On the other hand, my wife is fond of poodle mixes, especially Bichon poodles. She currently owns one and she named her Molly. Molly is a good pet to have around the house because she is so active, adorable and playful. She is a good company for my wife because I am often at work on weekdays. She even brings her outside and then puts her inside a dog purse when she goes shopping at the mall.

Last week when I was at work, she called me and she sounded like she had a problem. I asked her about what it was and she told me that Molly does not have an appetite. She added that she tried feeding her with dog food and even her favorite dog treats, but she still wasn’t eating. I told her to calm down and asked if she could wait for an hour because I still have work to do. She told me that she could not wait for an hour because she is so worried about the dog. I suggested that she go to the veterinarian to consult Molly’s condition. I added that I would try to do my work as fast as I could, so I still could accompany them at the clinic.

I tried my best to finish as quickly as I could and I surprised myself that I was done in less than an hour. I got off early from work and I called my wife that I am already on my way to the clinic. She told me that she just got there and she told me that she would just wait for me in the waiting room. I got in the clinic in a few minutes and my wife was so glad that I made it. We went inside to see the veterinarian and my wife told him about what happened to our dog. The doctor carefully checked the dog’s eyes, ears, teeth and skin. He told us she has problems about her teeth, specifically she has lots of plaque and has receding gums. He added that she might be experiencing pain whenever she tries chewing food. The doctor recommended buying Molly a chew toy because it would help with her plaques and gums. He also gave Molly pain reliever to help her eat. He reminded us to observe the dog and call him if something bad happens.

Exotic Pets

It was a weekend and my wife and I were relaxing on our couch and watching TV. We were channel surfing, as we could not find a good show and I accidentally tuned on at Discovery Chanel. They were featuring exotics pets that we could legally own in the States. I got curious about it, so I stayed on the channel. I’ve learned that there are many exotic pets that we could own like Madagascar Hissing cockroaches, Emperor Scorpions, African Pygmy hedgehogs and Sugar gliders to name a few. I was thrilled and I asked my wife about it. She told me that she also wanted a new pet in our home and exotic pets would be a great way to go. My wife and I thought that owning hedgehogs as pets would be cool and it should just be easy to take care of, if not for their quills or spikes.

My wife and I decided to canvass in pet shops around our area and to see them personally on how they react to people because they are not that domesticated. We dropped by a number of shops, and we failed to see one. My wife’s frustration grew and I told her that we would go home after this last shop. I am glad that we were not disappointed because they have lots of hedgehogs on display. They are so cute and adorable. They even have their hedgehog cages, like the ones here, on sale at 50% discount if we would buy two pets.

A sales clerk came near me and asked me about what brought us to their shop. I told him that we fancied getting an exotic pet like a hedgehog because of what we saw on TV last time. I asked him about how to care and handle an exotic pet like them. He told me that it is just like taking care of a bunny, but with quills. I asked him about what do they feed them, and he shared that they just need the basics like food and fresh water every day. My wife asked him about what kind of food do they usually eat. He told her that dry cat food or even dog food satisfies them very much. We could also occasionally give them insects like worms and other small insects that we could also find in their shop. He added that they could also be given treats like fruits, which they love so much. It could be a slice of banana, peaches or even berries.

We also learned that hedgehogs also needed to exercise every day to avoid obesity, so we need to put wheels and tubes inside their cages for them to enjoy climbing and running. The sales clerk also told us that it costs around $300, but it is really worth to buy it because it is not every day that you would meet someone with a pet hedgehog and I agreed. I told him to give my wife and me a minute to discuss about our purchase and he politely smiled.

First Baby

My wife, Michelle, is already on her 2nd trimester of her pregnancy and we are both so both excited, but at the same time, worried if we are doing things right. We have been married for three years and we have been trying to conceive for two years. We were a bit worried because it took us some time to have a baby. We resorted to having both of us checked for sterility and we are both okay based on the results. We even welcomed the thought of In Vitro, which was really pricey, but it does not matter to us because we really wanted to have a child to care for. We really thank God for this blessing.

I see my wife having a hard time being pregnant, especially during her first trimester because every morning, she used to experience morning sickness. There was even an instance when I got up at around 5am to pee, and I saw her puking all over the kitchen sink. I am glad that her morning sickness faded gradually into her second trimester. She is feeling better now, but last night, she experienced diarrhea. I know that she is lactose intolerant, so I asked her if she ate something with cheese or milk and she told me that she did not because she watches what she eats, especially now that she is carrying our unborn child. I logged onto our computer and researched about it. I saw nothing about it on the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. I was worried because it might affect our baby, so I asked Michelle if she wanted to have a consult tomorrow, as I could manage to squeeze it in because I still does not have pending graphic designs. She agreed and asked me a favor if I could call the doctor’s secretary to book an appointment because she is feeling weak because of her diarrhea during pregnancy.

We went to the hospital first thing in the morning and saw Michelle’s doctor. My wife told her doctor about what happened. The doctor asked my wife about what did she eat yesterday. He told us that he could not find a good reason that it would cause her such a symptom, because in fact, he shared that he had a recent kid patient who also ate the same thing, as my wife and it caused him toddler constipation. The doctor asked if he took something new yesterday like a pill and my wife remembered that she changed her prenatal vitamin brand. She added that she changed brands because the one that she was using is currently out of stock in the pharmacy. The doctor asked about the brand and then he researched about its contents on MIMS. After a few minutes, he told us that it has side effects of having loose stools. The doctor recommended stopping to take her new vitamins and try to look for her old brand at other pharmacies. We thanked the doctor and went off to find other pharmacies who have my wife’s old brand of vitamins.

A Step at a Time

My wife Michelle loves being fit as she always run every morning before having breakfast. She often invites me to come run with her, but I find it too tedious because I still have a hard day of work ahead of me. She told me that exercising would be great because it will give me more energy during the day. I said that I would try it this coming weekend because I am curious about what she is saying and it would be very beneficial because I am really having a hard time coping up with my sudden increase of workload. One of my partners, Jessie just opt out of her contract, so she paid me the bond, but it gave me twice the workload that I normally do for a day.

I told my wife about it and she told me that it is a sign that I needed to change my unhealthy routine. Currently, I have been addicted to eating fast food items like burgers, fries, nachos, and milkshakes because they are very convenient to order, very easy to eat and much cheaper compared to the menus of fancy restaurants around town. Michelle told me that she plans to give me a taste of living healthy by giving me low carb vegetables and low carb fruits for dinner. I told him that I do not want that because I am so hungry during dinnertime. She asked me to trust her that it would not make me feel that hungry.

During dinner, my wife gave me a plate of salad, which consists of alfalfa sprouts, kale, jicama, nuts, and some red and blue berries for color. She told me that she also prepared a very healthy dressing mixture of lemon juice, olive oil with some salt and pepper to taste. I put in on my salad and it tasted great. I told my wife that it is very light, yet very filling. She told me that I could eat two servings of salad for now because I am not used to it. She asked me if it is okay if we could try eating salad every dinner for a week, but with a wide diverse of veggies and fruits to use and I agreed. I told her that it is time to clean up my bad eating habits because I have been very easily tired as of late, compared when I was younger.

My wife laughed at what I said and told me that it is because of my unhealthy eating habits and occasional smoking. I told her that I could try the salad thing, but I could not let go of smoking because it cures my stress. She told me that I am just addicted to nicotine that is why I am saying that. She shared that her best friend’s husband just quit smoking a few months ago with the help of a nicotine patch. She added that he did not quit right away to prevent experiencing withdrawal syndromes. He just quit gradually as his doctor suggested. I told my wife that I would think about it, but no promises.